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Importance of Furnace Tune-ups and Routine Maintenance

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Things seem to break when you need them most. Furnaces die in the winter, and robots short-circuit the moment they learn to love. In warmer months, taking some preventive care can keep a broken furnace from leaving you in the cold. An annual tune-up helps your furnace run more efficiently. Heating can make up more than half of your energy costs, and clogged filters and leaky ducts forced your furnace to work harder than

the first heating bill after getting a tune-up might make you realize you've been paying your furnace to work overtime.

Tune-ups ensure the air inside your home stays safe; now functioning furnaces can pump toxic mold particles and even carbon monoxide into your home. It's serious stuff; that's why even if you're handy enough to change old filters and leaky tape ducts, you should call in a professional technician. They're like a one-person pit crew for your furnace checking to wire for corrosion or rust damage clearing out blockages and grills and drainage systems, testing voltage and calibrating your heating system, lubricating any moving parts, and helping to extend your furnaces overall life.

What is furnace tune-up?

A tune-up on your furnace is the maintenance done to make sure your furnace continues to operate as it should and detect any problems before they become a bigger, more expensive one. A regularly maintained furnace will keep it running longer, bolster its efficiency, lower energy bills, and is needed to maintain the manufacturer's warranty.

What is done during a furnace tune-up?

During a furnace's maintenance, several things are done:

· We make sure that the system is running safely

· Test for gas leaks

· Check the air filter, test the gas valve operation

· Check the blower motor operation

· Clean the flame sensor

· Inspect and test any electrical wiring relays and electrical heat elements, and a lot more.

Why does my furnace need maintenance?

· Doing routine maintenance on your furnace is like doing regular maintenance on your car without it, your furnace will begin to wear down and be less efficient, costing you more money.

· According to energy saver, nearly 42 percent of your utility bills go towards heating and cooling your home. Regularly maintaining your furnace will help it last as long as possible and keep more of your hard-earned money in your bucket.

· A poorly maintained furnace can also reduce the system's life, causing premature failures and potentially costly repairs. Suppose you notice any issues such as longer than usual run times. In that case, the system kicks on and off repeatedly or runs much shorter than it should, higher than average utility bills burning electrical smells, weak airflow, and unusual sounds.

If you notice any of these signs, you may be looking at a more significant issue that may need repair.

Who Needs furnace tune-ups?

· It is recommended everyone have maintenance performed on their furnace once a year to make sure that it is safe and working as it should work.

· Most people like to have their maintenance performed pre-season; however, you can do it any time.

· The important thing is that your furnace is maintained once per year. If you recently had a furnace installed, we recommend performing annual maintenance after the first year.

· Even though it's new, many things will affect the operation of the system and comfort of your homes, such as flame and ignition sensors, temperature readings, safety measures, removal of any debris buildup, airflow and filters, and the electric components and wiring.

· Annual maintenance will ensure that the system continues to operate as it should at McGee Mechanical; our basic tune-up starts at $130.

Why Choose us for furnace maintenance?

  • Service on all makes and models

  • 24/7 customer care center and emergency service

  • Full warranty on our works

  • Highly skilled and certified technicians

  • High-quality service

  • Environmentally friendly solution

Our trained and certified service technicians can perform maintenance on any furnace regardless of make or model, even on units we didn't install. We also offer maintenance agreements for a smaller monthly payment if you're looking to save more money while protecting your investment. You will get priority status, more extended warranties on repairs, discounts on accessories and equipment, and much more scheduling.

Benefits you get from our services:

· Help ensure that the system works according to the manufacturer's design and specifications.

· It helps to increase the life span of your air conditioner

· It helps to save your time and money

· Benefits of furnace maintenance

· Furnace maintenance will help to improve the efficiency

· It helps to reduce the dust particles and bacteria

· Prevent unexpected breakdown in the middle of the night

What do we do?

· Clean your furnace filter

· Check Flues and vents for cracks and blockages

· Check the condensate drain to make sure adequately attached and flowing freely.

· Clean outdoor exhaust vents

· Replace the frayed belts for older units

· Examine the carbon monoxide levels and the operation of thermostat and safety controls

· Check the navigation and the motor

· Examine the blower function and alignment and if there is any dangerous wreckage in the duct and the chimney

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